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The various treatments and care options offered are driven by a single desire to provide comprehensive care. While each treatment is available separately, they can be combined within a single session depending on your body's needs.

Global treatment with Biokinergy

Objective: relieve occasional health problems and improve functional pathologies.

Global treatment with Biokinergie, Biokinergiste, Lyon


What is Biokinergy ?

Biokinergy combines the knowledge of manual therapy, Chinese energetics and reflexology to take care of your body in a global, adapted and unique way for each patient and each session. This technique is practiced by physiotherapists.


By acting on reflex points, the therapist gives the body indications to correct imbalances and thus improve the functioning of your body at the muscular and joint level (for neck pain, tense trapezius muscles, lower back pain, etc.). ..), digestive (gastroesophageal reflux, intestinal disorders), energetic (fatigue, sleep disorders)...


It is therefore a gentle and body-friendly method which has multiple benefits and which addresses numerous functional pathologies but also psyche disorders (stress, insomnia, etc.).


Who is Biokinergy for?

It is for those who want to live in harmony with their body.


Biokinergy addresses the whole body. It can therefore help relieve specific health problems and address functional pathologies.

It can also help overcome fatigue and stress, and maintain physical and psychological balance.

Biokinergy for neck pain, back pain, chronic pain, algodystrophy, stress

*The points listed above are not exhaustive. Feel free to

contact me for specific pain.


How is Biokinergy ?

The course of a session:​

The session begins with an interview which allows you to find out the symptoms that lead you to consult but also your medical history.


The treatment is provided on a massage table. The biokinergist, thanks to a global vision, will be able to work on the area affected by your symptoms or remotely.


The session ends in a standing position to correct posture if necessary and check the general harmony of the body.


When to use Biokinergie?

Frequency and number of sessions:

The number of sessions varies depending on the symptoms that lead you to consult. For an acute problem, generally three sessions may be enough. For a chronic pathology (chronic pain, chronic low back pain, etc.), the treatment will then be recurrent, the frequency of the sessions will be adapted to each person.

The frequency also varies from person to person. Most often, a period of 3 weeks must be respected between two sessions.


After a few sessions, your body will guide you as to whether or not you need another appointment.

Hand and arm treatment

Objective: support upper limb rehabilitation

Treatment of the hand and arm after surgery, hand rehabilitation, Lyon

The hand, a sensory organ

The hand, with its many sensory receptors in the fingertips, is essential for feeling objects before handling them. A painful or uncomfortable sensation can alter the natural grip, leading to a "limp" and muscular tension all the way to the neck. Re-education focusing on the sensitivity of the traumatised hand is therefore crucial in the event of loss of sensitivity or pain to touch. Associated with action and relationships with others, the hand can be the site of intense emotions in the event of trauma, requiring appropriate management during the healing process.

My skills for your hands.

Since 2008, I have worked in the SOS hand-upper limb service at the E. Herriot Hospital in Lyon, taking part in large-scale projects such as hand and upper limb transplants. I have developed a body of knowledge specific to this area, including sensitivity disorders, kinesiophobia, scar treatment, etc.

Combined with other subjects close to my heart, such as work on pain, neuroscience and, of course, Biokinergy, the treatment I offer is tailored to your specific needs, in conjunction with your surgeon, GP or physiotherapist if necessary.

Depending on your needs, the session may include :
- Biokinergy/manual therapy for the whole body,
- a detailed pain assessment to improve pain management,
- work on the vagus nerve to improve the symptoms associated with algodystrophy,
- work and/or advice on re-educating sensitivity (hyper-, hypo-sensitivity or allodynia), with the possibility of making sensory filters if necessary (prior estimate).
- work on scars,
- work on subcutaneous nerves to improve amplitude or comfort in using the hand.

Scar treatment

Objective: regain comfort around your scars

Scar treatment in Lyon

Creating scar tissue is our body's way of repairing trauma. Adhesions between the different layers are the norm. In certain cases, these adhesions can create tension, restrictions in tissue movement and have local or distant repercussions.

Gentle and repeated work on the scars makes it possible to “erase” the harmful effects of these adhesions and reintegrate the tissues into the fascial web.

vagus nerve therapy

Objective: to regulate various bodily functions by stimulating the nervous system.

Vagus nerve therapy

The Vagus nerve (which is part of the neurovegetative system) has a major role in the emotional and bodily reaction to stressful situations induced by attacks from the external or internal world.

Based on the polyvagal theory of S. Porgues, the technique developed by E. Marlien and advice adapted to each person make it possible to strengthen the action of the vagus nerve and improves the symptoms of pathologies such as:

- anxiety, depression,

- sensitivity to stress and risk of burnout,

- chronic, inflammatory or autoimmune diseases such as: Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

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