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This massage will be a unique moment to relax and recharge your batteries in the heart of Old Lyon in the 5th arrondissement.

Depending on your needs and desires of the moment, you can benefit from a well-being massage, an energy treatment, a real cocooning moment or a therapeutic massage (venous drainage, lymphatic drainage, relaxing massage, etc.).

wellness massage

Objective: to give you a valuable break

Well-being massage Lyon 5

Massage is an ancient practice designed to relax the body and mind. Using a variety of techniques, it relieves muscular tension, promotes circulation and brings a sense of inner calm. Thanks to its physical and psychological benefits, it is a precious break in our hectic lives, offering relaxation and stress reduction.

You can offer a gift voucher to the person of your choice by contacting me.

therapeutic massage

Objective: professional massage for a specific health problem

Therapeutic massage Lyon 5

As a a state certified masseur-physiotherapist, I can, depending on your request, and after checking the contraindications, offer you sessions of:

- lymphatic drainage,

- massage for venous return,

- relaxing muscle massage following intense exercise (marathon, heavy work, etc.),

- abdominal massage,

- scar massage.

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